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Restin Worksite Accommodations

Benefits for Accommodation Providers

  • When accommodations are provided in the vicinity of the site, commuting time and transport costs are reduced.

  • Longer and better quality rest improves productivity and occupational safety.

  • A cost-efficient form of accommodation for locations where housing is not available.

  • Can be set up very quickly in existing buildings or facilities.

  • The space can be restored to its original purpose once accommodations are no longer needed.

  • No construction work or permanent structural changes required.

  • Capacity can be increased or decreased as needed to ensure a cost-efficient accommodation solution.

  • Possibility to use existing buildings that are not otherwise suitable for the purposes of accommodation, such as office buildings and industrial hangars.

  • Quick and easy to maintain and clean.

  • The modules can be monitored in different ways for enhanced safety.

Benefits for Users

  • Longer resting time: commuting time can be cut by hours per day.

  • Better quality downtime when staying in a personal, private space.

  • The space is lockable, and access and usage can be controlled using a booking system.

  • Each user is able to enjoy peace and privacy and leave their belongings in a personal space.

Movable Buildings

A building can be delivered to a worksite and installed on a gravel bed to house Restin accommodation modules, WC/shower units, kitchenettes and dressing rooms.